Eunice has finally arrived!

It's been too long since I've updated my lovely Peers. I miss hearing from you all! Amazon has been taking a very long time to publish books but I'm very happy to announce that The Importance of Being Eunice, Fairfax Twins Book Three, has arrived. It's really a stand alone although the twins make a brief appearance. Of course, I'm looking to give you free review copies in exchange for your honest review. Who's In?

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A duke, a spinster, a faux engagement; what could possibly go wrong?

For four seasons Lady Eunice was quite content with the mantle of wallflower. Bespectacled, frumpy, and put-upon by her overbearing mother, all she really wished to do was vanish from London once she came of age to inherit her fortune.

The sudden reappearance of her childhood sweetheart, the dashing Theodore Belhurst, soon changes her mind, and Lady Eunice decides that she does wish to wed after all. She enlists the help of a duke, of course! A faux engagement to the arrogant, abrasive, and sinfully handsome Duke of Belmont is certain to make Theodore notice her.

Aubyn Euripides Charles Cantwell, Sixth Duke of Belmont, was not looking to enter into a faux engagement, but when a meddling spinster suggests such a thing and threatens his operation as a spy for the Crown, he finds himself in just such a situation.

Despite his initial reluctance for the hare-brained scheme, Aubyn soon finds himself enchanted by the kind and brave Lady Eunice. A turbulent childhood had left him scarred, and uncertain that he could ever marry, but as Eunice delights in revealing his soft side, Aubyn wonders if perhaps she might be the woman to set him free from his dark past.

In other news, The Duke and I have taken on some really exciting new projects. We are diving into the Ancient Realms by AJ Flowers and working bringing the incredibly popular Cinders & Ashes Series by X. Aratare to life.


Welcome to Ancient Realms! This is a complete collection of 6 Ancient Realms Collection novelettes and 17 bonus stories.

Viking magic is real, not all knights are honorable, and Ancient Magic comes with a price in these incredible epic fantasy tales.

BONUS! Included are 17 Bonus Stories not available anywhere else! Bringing this collection to over 400 pages of incredible storytelling!

Including but not limited to:

The Last Oracle

An award-winning Viking tale of the Draugr King and the Last Oracle.

Misguided Knight of the Onyx Order

No one crosses the Onyx Queen and survives.

The Lunar Clash

The World Ends Every Thousand Years.

These tales don’t have a happy ending... dark, gritty, fantasy at its finest.


A Gay Retelling of Cinderella.

A human prince and a half-blood Fae meet their match in one another. Will they be soulmates or sworn enemies?

Finn Ashton is cursed with ancient Fae blood. Once upon a time, to be a Fae was a blessing, but after Fae murdered the human king and queen, now all who show Fae magic risk exile or death. Finn lives in hiding with his cruel stepfather and stepbrothers, who offer protection in exchange for Finn acting as a servant at his own estate.

King Rohan is blessed with a crown, but must save his kingdom from ruin. With his own lands languishing since the loss of Fae magic, a match with another human royal may be his people’s salvation. But Rohan has always dreamed of marrying for love, like his parents.

One day, battling monsters in the woods, Rohan stumbles upon a strange young commoner, Finn, who offers him something no royal ever can: true love. But will the secrets that Finn and Rohan keep from one another threaten the love they have, or even turn them into sworn enemies?

X. Aratare writes gay paranormal romance with witches, vampires, magic, and mystery. Though some books may venture into dark territory, they will all have happy endings.

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