Exciting News & This Week's Free Audiobooks

It's been a very busy couple of weeks but I'm thrilled to finally be able to tell you the news!

We have partnered with author Lucy May Lennox to narrate her absolutely fabulous novel The Adventures of Tom Finch, Gentleman.

This Tom Jones-esque romp is an amazingly detailed and well researched window into the everyday life of commoners in Georgian England. Duke and I have stayed up late many a night discussing the intricacies and internal life of the realistic and well rounded characters that Ms. Lennox has created. This isn't your typical Historical Romance. There are no knights in shining armour, no wealthy Duke to fall in love with and marry our heroine. Our hero is a blind musician and our heroine an opera singer. They are wonderfully flawed human beings who, through all their trials and tribulations find that they are there to support, encourage, and eventually, even love each other.

Now, for the exciting part!!!

We will be adding some actors to our company! Not only actors, but also singers and a musician!

Since the book revolves so much around the theatre and opera, and so much research has been put into developing lyrics and music for the book itself, we wanted to be able to really breathe some life into the story by adding that music to the audio. All the songs will be recorded live in studio and included in the book to help draw the listener into the narrative. It's an ambitious project but we are up to the challenge!


Free Review Copies!

While we have been working away on our plans for Tom Finch we have released a few books that we would really love some reviews for. This week the following titles are free and available to you for review:

Shadow Magic, Hidden Magic Book One

By Jayne Hawke

Wolf Ridge the Complete Series

By Jayne Hawke

The Duke's Governess in Disguise, Fairfax Twins Book Two

By Claudia Stone

As per usual, if you would like to review any of the above books please comment below or email me at duchess@hergracereads.com and ask for your free review copy!

Love Always,


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