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The final instalment of the Wolf Ridge Series, Wolf Pack, is now available on Audible. We really enjoyed working on this series. The heroine is so relatable. She's awkward, she makes terrible life decisions, she's a total dork, but most importantly, she kicks butt! I feel honoured that Jayne Hawke chose me to give her a voice. I have free review copies available for those of you willing to listen and leave honest reviews. Simply request a copy by leaving a comment on this post or send an email to


No one hurts Rosalyn’s pack and lives to talk about it. 

Rosalyn and her pack are dragged into a plot to bring about chaos and destruction at the hands of a dark witch. Together they will take on their greatest enemies to date. 

It’s time to step up as a guardian and show the world what she’s really capable of.

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