Welcome to The Royal Court

His Grace, the Duke DeFoix, and myself, would like to welcome all Peers of the Realm to The Royal Court, our exclusive, members only, page.

What are the advantages of being a Peer of the Realm?

  • Peers may request free review copies of our most recent audiobooks (First come, first serve, supplies are limited).

  • Updates on our latest adventures and exploits.

  • Our latest Romance novel reviews.

  • An insider look at the production of your favourite audiobooks.

What are the Royal Court Rules of Decorum?

  • Vile language, dastardly speech, and other villany will result in immediate exile to The Colonies.

  • Vain glorious self promotion and overt pomposity will not be tolerated.

  • Respect the privacy of your fellow Peers ( we wouldn't want The Cits to know what transpires behind the closed doors of the upper ten thousand).

  • Please be kind and courteous to all.

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