Praise for the adventures of tom finch, gentleman

Ms Lennox is very adept at deeply immersing readers in the sensory details and social conventions of the 18th century—she plunges us in from the first pages and never lets us up for air. She has both an expansive and nuanced skill with period idiom, as well as a remarkable ability to convey the experience of a blind man in a time before accommodations for sightlessness—braille, service animals—making his way personally and professionally in a sighted world. Her attention to every detail of character and setting allows her to continually surprise the reader with twists in both the behavior and backstory of her parade of memorable personalities.

This is a must read for any lover of fiction, not only of English and/or 18th century tales. Tom Finch is a finely crafted and wonderful book for the general reader as much as the historical fiction devotee. I highly recommend this book.


-Jeffery Walker, Discovering Diamonds


engrossing in its historical detail and its unique portrayal of a blind hero. The musically inclined will appreciate the professional knowledge on display; besides giving a peek backstage to 18th century English opera, the narrative is peppered with popular songs and the composer Handel has a recurring role.

Lennox does a marvelous job making her characters distinct and dimensional and provides windows into the great variety of life in 18th-century London, making use of its distinct attitudes toward dress, class, sexuality, marriage, the military, and the theater. Reading it is an adventure not to be missed.


-Misty Urban, Historical Novel Society

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