Narration by Duchess DeFoix

With a professional acting career spanning over 25 years and two continents, Duchess lifts the story from the page bringing engaging and intelligent vocal versatility to her work.  Finding the fun in every project, she puts her heart into voicing believable and relatable characters and takes pride in delivering exactly what her clients have envisioned.  She is a devoted bluestocking with a sharp tongue and loves nothing more than solving her own problems without the help of a man!


Unless he happens to be a dashing rogue with a heart of gold...


...then she might be persuaded.

Latest Listener Reviews

   "Let me tell you that this audiobook is amazing. If I could give Duke and Duchess DeFoix more than five stars I would. They have such lovely voices and their accents made the reading experience that much better. I could have listened to them all day and night. I will listen to anything and everything they narrate. I don't care what it is."


  "The narration was perfect as usual with this duo, with the male and female narrator performing each chapter from Darcy or Cameron's point of view and also the male or female speaking parts. It's seamless and made the entire listen a pleasure."


    "What caught my eye first about this book was the "Narrated by:" field. How can I not listen to a story read by narrators calling themselves Duke and Duchess DeFoix? And boy, are they good! It's an artfully narrated steamy book. I was very pleased with it and totally recommend it." 

 "The narration is well done, with different voice actors for Cecelia and Hunter. It's a style that only takes a moment to get used to, and then it's like listening to a play. Very seamless, and very immersive."


    "Loved the story, with incredible narrators, women’s voices and men’s that vary..children’s...emotion, timing pacing and storytelling that’s incredible."