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Hannah specializes in Fantasy & Contemporary Romance

Hannah Hart has been acting professionally since 1997. She has had the opportunity to work on stage internationally and in animated series.


Hannah made the move from Performer to Producer when she got the chance to work for a major animation service production studio in Vancouver, BC Canada. With the guidance of the company CEO, she took on large scale animated series projects for Netflix, Disney, and Amazon as a Production Manager and later as a Casting Director. While working in production, Hannah had the good fortune to be offered work in voice directing for animated feature musical films and shorts.


After some health issues arose, Hannah re-evaluated and decided to try her hand at being an indie audio producer. She created Her Grace Reads Studios Inc. in 2017. Guiding the studio through its first projects, Hannah is committed to continuing to build the HGR reputation for innovation, value, and quality.


...She has never looked back...


Hannah works on Duet Style Narration with Edward Fox.

Wake of Buzzards_Crime_Mystery_Thriller.Hannah Hart
00:00 / 05:00
Talk Dirty to Me_Contemporary RomanceHannah Hart
00:00 / 13:44
YA Horror/Fantasy_US AccentHannah Hart
00:00 / 07:41
The Princess & the Seal_Contemporary Romance_UK Posh accentHannah Hart
00:00 / 04:55
The Devil's Noose_Medical ThrillerHannah Hart & Edward Fox
00:00 / 03:22
House Plants_Non-Fiction_Latin Names & Long Lists_US AccentHannah Hart
00:00 / 04:47
YA_High School Urban Fantasy_Female TeenHannah Hart
00:00 / 13:31
Break & Enter_Crime ThrillerHannah Hart & Edward Fox
00:00 / 09:14
Dancing Bearfoot_Contemporary Novella RomanceHannah Hart & Edward Fox
00:00 / 08:47
Vampire King_Contemporary Vampire Romance_UK AccentHannah Hart
00:00 / 10:21


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